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Termites infestation can cause severe damage to your belongings. We provide you with effectual termite inspections in Carrum Downs. We are one of the leading termite inspection Carrum Downs companies for affordable and detailed services. Termites are more than general pest infestation and the damage done by them can give you financial strain. Therefore get termite treatment and get rid of them as soon as you see them on your property.

We provide the best termite inspection and control services in Carrum Downs. Thus, contact us at 03 4050 7720 to avail our termite pest control services.

Contact Us For Affordable Termite Treatment In Carrum Downs 

We have worked very hard with our termite treatment Carrum Downs experts and built a good reputation in the market. Another reason for our success is our affordable termite treatment cost. We don’t apply any hidden charges in your final bill and keep everything open to you. Thus get in touch with us if you want the best termite inspection and treatment in Carrum Downs at reasonable prices.

How Do We Provide Superior Termite Control And Inspection Services?

Our termite inspection is the most comprehensive in the industry. Our experts conduct the best termite inspection using specific tools and knowledge. A termite inspection is a key to the early detection of any termite attacks. Our team conducts the termite inspection according to Australian set standards only. We inspect all the areas of your house including:

  • Outside The Building

Almost all the nearby areas of the building can get affected by termites such as fences, tree stumps, and retaining walls.

  • Roof Void

Our team will inspect any area of the roof including skylights, vents, valleys, downpipes, top plates, hanging beams and rafters.

  • Inside The Building

Units such as skirting, door jambs, doors, cupboards and flooring can also get affected by termites.

  • Under The Building

Termites also attack areas under your building such as bearers, joists, timber floorings, and stored timbers.

On completion of the inspection, our team will hand over a detailed report to you with photos and proposals. We will explain all the findings to you and any pest control recommendations also.

Why Termite Inspection Is Important Before The Treatment?

A termite inspection is the first step before going for termite treatment. Through a thorough inspection of the property, you will find various details that will help to choose the right termite control method to go for. The various benefits of getting a termite inspection before treatment are:

  • Inspection will help to determine the type of termite.
  • It will guide you about the areas affected by the infestation
  • Through inspection, you will come to know from where termites enter your property.
  • And a regular inspection will help you to avoid the infestation to take place.

How To Identify Some Common Termite Activity Signs?

To determine whether your house has termites look for follow warning signs:

  • Accumulated soil or pile of dirt near your wooden furniture.
  • Damage to wooden furniture or timber.
  • Try knocking on your wooden wall if it sounds hollow then go for a professional termite inspection.
  • If you see mud tubes then it shows the possibility of termite infestation. 
  • A heavy infestation will leave a large pile of shredded wings.

Why We Are The Best Option To Choose For Termite Inspection In Carrum Downs?

The following points will state why we are the best option in town for termite control:

  • We provide same/next day termite removal services.
  • Our team gets training from professionals.
  • Our team conducts the termite inspection according to Australian standards.
  • Affordable termite treatment costs
  • We use safe and eco-friendly products

For Residential And Commercial Termite Control And Inspection Services In Carrum Downs, Contact Us!

You can get in touch with us for termite control and inspection in both residential and commercial areas. Commercial areas such as hospitals, shopping malls, food services, office buildings, etc in Carrum Downs can contact us. The different methods used by our team for effective termite control are:

  • Baiting Systems

In this, we place baiting stations all over your property. These stations use low doses of slow-acting and non-repellent insecticides. we impregnate these stations into woods to control termites.

  • Wood Treatment

We use this method for all the outdoor units that can attract termite infestation. For example, fences, post boxes, decks and exterior steps. In this, we use treated wood on all the outdoor units o keep them safe.

  • Soil Treatment

Termites mostly are present and travel underground in search of food. So they can enter your house from the flooring as well. Thus in this method, we apply pesticides to all the possible underground areas that can be favourable for termites. 

To Save Time and Money, Hire Professional Pest Controllers in Carrum Downs

Termites are not something that we can control on our own. Therefore, we require professional help to get rid of them. We provide you with the best termite inspector that can help you with the proper inspection of your property. Afterwards, after the inspection, you can avail of our termite control Carrum Downs professional services. Our exterminators hold APCA certifications. Therefore, give us a call if you experience any termite infestation in your residential or commercial property.


Do you cover the termite holes after the treatment?

Yes, it is a part of our process to cover the holes after the treatment to avoid any infestation in future.

What is the most effective method for termite control?

Baiting is the most effective method for termite control. You can give us a call for the same.

How long does the baiting method take?

It takes a few hours for the baiting station installation to work against termites.