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Whether the infestation occurs in your house or office, we cater our specialised moth extermination and treatment services to you. We are an excellent choice if you want a moth control in Carrum Downs. Being one of the top-rated moth control Carrum Downs companies we are consistent in delivering high-quality services through our non-toxic pest treatments.

We understand that moths can create a nuisance, especially in pantries and clothes, thus their control is necessary. Thus, for the month control in the house, give us a call at 03 4050 7720. We also offer same-day services in Carrum Downs. Also, our moth exterminator costs are affordable.

How Can You Know If You Have A Pantry Or Clothing Moth Infestation?

The most common moth infestation in the town are clothes and pantry moths infestation. You can recognize these moths by their appearance and the symptoms of their infestation such as:

Pantry Moths

Pantry moths are common to find anywhere food is present. These have dark grey or bronze colour wings, and the wingspan is 5/8 of an inch. Pantry moths extermination is very necessary because they contaminate our food which leads to various diseases. The points that help to recognise their infestation are:

  • You may see holes in plastic food bags.
  • There can be larvae or eggs inside food packages.
  • Web-like material inside pantry corners.
  • You may see small and drab colour moths crawling or flying in your house.

Clothes Moths

There are two common types of clothes moths as webbing moths and case-making moths. Also, the size of both is around ½ inch. The webbing moth is solid whitish-grey colour and the case-making moth is dark brown in colour. Further, points that will help you to recognize their infestation are:

  • You may see irregular holes in your clothes.
  • Excessive shedding of fur.
  • You may see crusty deposits on drapes, clothes and carpets.
  • Tiny tubes stuck on the clothes, which are larvae casings.

Are Moths Dangerous?

Moths don’t come as a massive group and attack your house and family directly. Further, they affect your belongings like food, clothes, etc and indirectly you as well. As moths carry germs they can impose danger and cause various diseases and allergies. The various points that prove that moths infestation can be dangerous are:

  • Moths contaminate your food.
  • They damage your clothes, carpets, curtains, etc. and when you come in contact will these infected materials you can also get skin allergies.
  • Although their lifespan is very short i.e. 2 weeks, they multiply themselves and create a nuisance.
  • Because of their small size, their infestation is quite difficult to recognise.
  • During their caterpillar stage if you get in contact with them their hairs can cause asthma attacks.

So above points prove the level of danger that these tiny creatures impose. Thus getting moth pest control is important. 

We Follow These Three Moth Control Steps

The three-step process that our moth control Carrum Downs team use are:

  • Thorough Inspection

Firstly, our team will diligently inspect your hose. This helps to identify the species f moth and the level of infestation. Afterwards, we choose the proper method of carpet moth extermination according to the current situation.  

  • Professional Treatment

Then our moth control Carrum Downs exterminators will continue with the extraction process. In which they will spray every area and corner of your house with insecticides. This will kill all the moths present.

  • Moth Preventive Advice

After the moth pest control, we will suggest you get a follow-up inspection after some time to make sure the proper extermination of all the moths. Also, our team will guide you about the preventive measures to avoid such infestation in future.

Why We Are The Best Option For Your Moth Infestation?

The points that state why we are the best option for moth control Carrum Downs are:

  • We provide you with winter moth control in Carrum Downs.
  • Our moth pest control costs are affordable and pocket-friendly.
  • You can call us for services like, moth caterpillar control, carpet and cabbage moth control, etc.
  • We are available 24 by 7 for bookings. 
  • Our team has 15+ years of experience in moth pest control.
  • We use eco-friendly pest control products.


Where do moths usually hide?

They hide in an area that is dark such as basements, attics, closets, and many more.

What should I do before the moth control process starts?

We suggest you keep your home tidy and secure your belongings which are free from moth infestation.

Can moths eat my vegetables and foodstuff?

Yes, moths can eat your foodstuff and they contaminate it as well. They mostly like to attack cereal, grains, coffee, etc.