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Are you looking for bird removal services in Carrum Downs? Our team of experts deliver the most efficient bird proofing services in Carrum Downs. As a leading bird removal Carrum Downs company, our removalists have licences and 15+ years of experience. 

Birds are not harmful to humans. They enter your premises in search of food, shelter, and escape from their predators. But they can cause a lot of nuisance. Also, their excrete contains many germs that can cause diseases to you and your family. Thus bird pest control is important. Therefore, contact us at 03 4050 7720, if you have any doubts regarding the bird removal service in Carrum Downs.

Is It A Good Idea To Bird-Proof Your House And Business?

If you have bought a new house you should opt for bird proofing. As there are many risks related to bird invasion in your house. Some of the risks are:

  • Illness

Birds excrete carries germs that can cause over 50 diseases. Some of them are even airborne and thus can affect the health of humans nearby. This is a primary concern for food plants, restaurants and residential areas.

  • Property Damage

The mess that birds leave behind can cause property damage. As their nests can clog the pipes and spark a fire if they are near electrical wires. Their excrete is acidic in nature and thus can ruin the colour of your car or the windows.

  • Accident Liability

Bird droppings can make anyone slip and fall thus creating accidents, especially in busy areas like office buildings.

  • Cleanup Cost

The cost of cleaning up after these pests birds can become the same as the bird control cost. As picking their nests, feathers and droppings can be very difficult to clean.

Bird Infestation Warning Signs

The various signs that tell you about bird infestation on your property are:

  • Local Food Source

Birds especially pigeons are attracted to areas having any kind of food source. If you live near any restaurants then there is a probability of bird infestation inside or around your home.

  • Bird Droppings

Bird droppings cause various health hazards and their excrete can damage your belongings as well. If you notice bird droppings frequently around you then there are great chances that there is a bird infestation.

  • Property Damage

Pigeons tend to enter your house for shelter and build their nests. They find areas that are cozy and safe for their nests like small corners on roofs or solar panels. Thus, this damages your property a lot. 

  • Bird Noises

This is the most common sign to detect bird infestation as bird infestation creates very loud noises.

  • Debris

Bird’s nests and feathers can clog your pipes and drainage systems. Thus if you spot bird nests around check for these drainage systems.  

What We Do To Make A Property Bird-Proof?

The steps that our bird removal Carrum Downs team uses are:

  • Inspection

We inspect your whole property for bird droppings, nests, feathers, etc. After that our team prepares a report in detail about all the findings and will discuss a proper removal method with you. This can give you the most effective bird removal service.

  • Cleaning Up The Bird Mess

In this step, firstly, our team will perform bird nest removal. Then our team will use various bird proofing mesh. We will clean all the nests, feathers and bird droppings and dispose of all the garbage properly.

  • Use of bird spikes and deterrents

After the cleaning session in this step, we will use various bird deterrents. Therefore, our team will use bird spikes, bird nettings, repellent gels, bird deterrents for gardens, etc to secure your house from future infestation.

  • Follow-Up Measures

At last, our team will place various bird barriers at all the entry and exit points. Also, bird proofing roofs can make a drastic change to stop the infestation. And our team will guide you about the maintenance of bird barriers and other measures that you should take in the future.

We Are Affordable When It Comes To Bird Proofing Your Home In Carrum Downs

If you are looking for affordable options for bird proofing in Carrum Downs you can contact us. As we provide bird control services at reasonable prices. And if you want to only get the nest removed from your house for that as well we are a good choice for you as our bird nest removal cost is also affordable.

Why Should You Use Our Bird Control Carrum Downs Professionals?

The various points that will convenience you to choose us for bird control in Carrum Downs are:

  • Affordable Prices

Our bird removal Carrum Downs services are affordable. So you can contact us for effective bird and pigeon pest control services also at reasonable prices.

  • Convenience

The customers are our priority. That’s why our team works according to your convenience. Thus, we take bookings for weekends.

  • Same Day Service

We also provide same-day services. If you book u for our same day service our team will reach your doorsteps within 24 hours of the booking.

  • Local Team Of Professionals

Our pest control team is built of locals who get training like professionals. And being a local they are very well aware of all the pest knowledge in the area.


If a bird gets stuck in my house what should I do?

Firstly you should stay calm and don’t scream. Then you open the doors and windows of your house and they will take an exit on their own.

Is it possible for birds to attack humans?

Yes, some species can attack humans thus it is always suggested to keep a distance from them unless they are your pets.

How can I keep birds away from my house?

You should avoid any food source around or inside your house as it can attract them to enter your house. Also, always keep your doors and windows closed.