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Fleas are usually found on your pet’s body. They enter your place with the help of your pets. If you see your dog or cat continuously scratching its body, then this might be a sign of flea infestation in your home. We offer high-quality flea control and removal service in Carrum Downs. Over 20 years, we have served numerous clients and solved various flea problems with utmost perfection. Besides, our team of Flea Control Control Downs can remove small to big size of flea infestations. You can call us on 03 4050 7720 to make an appointment at any time as we work 24*7. There are various other reasons which make us the best choice for flea treatment for home such as: 

  • We use the latest and excellent techniques to get rid of flea infestation at your place.
  • We provide cheap flea treatment for cats and dogs. Moreover, we do not compromise on the quality.
  • Our flea exterminator team is highly skilled and well trained to treat any kind of flea infestation. 
  • We only use non-toxic and pet-friendly chemical solutions to get rid of fleas. 
  • A professional, quick, and highly effective flea control service is what you can expect out of us. 

How To Detect Fleas?

Identifying fleas is not an easy task. Due to their small size, one needs to check for them carefully. But if you know enough signs, symptoms, and different types of fleas species then you can easily detect them in your home. Below are the points which help in identifying the flea infestation. 

  • Symptoms Of Fleas Bite: Fleas bite humans, cats, dogs, birds, and many other domestic animals. The fleas bite can cause extreme itchiness. Also, a swollen and red lump forms within half an hour. The next day the lump will become a wound.
  • Physical Appearance Of A Flea: Fleas are flat in size. Besides, they have 6 legs and an antenna. Besides, these tiny parasites love to feed on the blood and especially the warm-blooded ones. Also, fleas do not have wings but they can easily jump up to 8 inches.
  • Flea facts: Without feeding on blood, the fleas can live for more than 100 days. Also, the female fleas are known to lay 2000 eggs in their entire life.
  • Cat Flea: Cat fleas are one of the most common fleas. They are 1-2mm long and dark brown in colour. Their bite spread allergies to pets. So, if you notice any cat fleas, then immediately call our team of Flea Control Carrum Downs. Our cat flea treatments will give you the best results in a short time. 
  • Dog Fleas: Dog fleas are harmful to your fur pet. These insects are red-brownish and are very thin in size. The dog fleas feed on the blood of dogs. Moreover, the bite of a dog flea can cause hot spots on the skin of your dog. So if you see a sign of these creatures, then reach out to us for the best dog fleas treatments. 
  • Human Fleas: The human fleas do not live on humans. They just come to bite or feed on human blood and go away. You can find black specks on your bed sheets or mattress which is a sign of human fleas. Besides, their bite can cause red dots and swell on the skin. Also, we give total care flea control in Carrum Downs. So, hire us today. 

What Should You Do If There Is A Fleas Infestation In Your Home?

If you are noticing a fleas infestation in your home then you can follow the below-given points. But to get rid of the flea infestation permanently, you need to reach out to professionals like us. We will thoroughly remove the flea infestation and will give you peace of mind. Besides, our team of flea control Carrum Downs will make sure there is no sign of flea left in your place. Also, we will give the best advice for the prevention of fleas. To control them on your own, you can follow the below-given things: 

  • Quickly vacuum or steam your mattress, upholstery, and carpet to remove larvae, eggs, and adult fleas.
  • You can bathe your pets with anti-flea shampoos.
  • Wash the bedding of pets using water and detergent. 

How Do We Remove Fleas?

We use one of the most trusted and highly efficient flea treatments to get rid of these nasty insects. Our team of flea control Carrum Downs follows the below-given steps to make your place flea-free. 

  • Proper Inspection: We will do a thorough inspection of your place to know the type of fleas and the exact size of fleas infestation.
  • Physical Control/ Habitat Modification: We will go for physical methods to control or remove the flea. Also, according to the habits and activities of the particular fleas, we will physically control them.
  • Chemical Treatments: We will use the best insecticide spraying for fleas. Moreover, our spraying solution is not harmful to both humans and pets. Also, we do the flea fumigation to get effective results

Get Our Exceptional Same Day Flea Control Service In Carrum Downs

We are well known for offering quick and best same-day flea control services in Carrum Downs. Besides, our local team is always available to help you in the best way. We will be there at your doorstep within a few hours of your call to get rid of fleas. Also, we offer our professional and quick flea control service in all the places of Carrum Downs. So, what are you waiting for? Call our team for Flea Control Carrum Downs for super fast service. 


Will you remove the dead fleas after the treatment?

Yes, our team will thoroughly vacuum and remove all the dead fleas at the end of our treatment.

What is your cost for flea control?

The cost depends on the size of the room and the type of flea infestation. To get an accurate quote, you can call us on our toll-free number.

Do you provide a bird flea removal service in Carrum Downs?

Yes, we are available to remove all kinds of fleas including bird fleas in Carrum Downs.